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  • We are a team of specialists based in Hungary that strive to supply the best service and keep you and your vehicle on the road.
  • We stock ten's of thousands of parts all available online. These parts are packed on the shelf ready to be dispatched same day. To help you with your parts search we stock all of our parts online. 
  • We give you the best service, parts and competitive pricing by focusing on what we know and love and that's bikes. By knowing our makes and models inside out, we dismantle in a way that minimises damage, understands good from poor quality and are able to supply our customers on an ongoing basis. 
  • Dismantling is only part of the process. We pride ourselves on quality and each part is cleaned in our professional production area. This means, dependant on the material and nature of the part we;
  • If that's not enough we photograph each item so you can see exactly the part and condition of your purchase.
  • Finally we vacuum pack 95% of our parts so they arrive in a condition our customers have come to expect. 
  • If it doesn't match our standards then its not right for us customers and the part is scrapped.
  • All of this means we carry over 25,000 stock items covering:
  • AND just in case we offer a warranty and no questions asked 14 day money back guarantee on everything.


EMPHU Spares Limited